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Precious Snow

Tip-to-toe get ready for snow

The clue to high-performance winter wear is Reima’s special technology, Reimatec . Thanks to a microporous coating or membrane, the fabric lets body moisture evaporate through while blocking out water drops. This moisture management feature helps keep kids warm and comfy, in any weather, because wet skin cools down 25 times faster than dry skin.

But just waterproofing the fabric is not enough. Because the surface is made dirt and water repellent without fluorocarbons, parents can skip excessive laundering. And when also the seams of the garments are taped waterproof, little snow monsters can freely sit, jump and slide on ice, snow and slush.

How to Layer Clothes for Winter & Cold Weather

Getting children dressed to go outside can be a headache – it can be difficult to know how the clothes work when the weather changes. How can I make sure that my child will be warm enough but won’t sweat? The key is to know how to layer clothes for cold weather.

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How to Wash a Down Jacket or Coat

Down jackets and coats are great because they provide comfortable experiences in the coldest of temperatures, with their fluffy down feathers and fortifying exteriors. As with any go-to gear, there will come a time when it needs to be washed, which should be a mindful process when washing any personal down coats or jackets. The delicate nature of the fluffy feathered and the materials used when creating these pieces is what make these coats or jackets so special, so taking the extra steps to properly learn how to wash a down jacket is a valuable way to extend the jacket’s use and make the most out of your outdoor gear.

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Snow Is Precious

A good way to fight climate change and save our winters is reducing emissions. Apart from offsetting the company’s own carbon emissions starting from 2020, Reima works toward replacing consumption of fast fashion by the use and reuse of durable clothes and by making clothes from recycled fibers. Reima winter 2021 collection is designed along these sustainability guidelines:

· All lining materials of Reima outerwear contain recycled fibers.

· A larger share of the insulation is now of recycled origin.

· There are also more shell materials with recycled content.

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