Reima Baby Newborn Clothes Set

Gender-neutral infant essentials for your newborn baby

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The Reima Baby Newborn Clothes Set has 17 gender-neutral infant essentials for your newborn baby, including a reversible onesie, a soft Merino wool cardigan, joggers, blankets, leggings & socks made with soft organic cotton.

Why Reima Baby Starter Box?

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All Reima products are made from 100% organic and sustainable materials including recycled materials like used water bottles. It’s not only safe for your baby’s skin but also great for the environment.

Reima is Sustainable

We’re here to protect our children and their future that’s why sustainability lies at the heart of our work. We champion an active childhood through ethically produced sustainable products, ensuring value creation for all stakeholders.

Since comfort in baby clothing is so crucial, we use soft and stretchy, yet durable fabrics like cotton, elastane, and Tencel, which are more absorbent and more effective at transferring moisture from the baby’s skin.

Reima is Sustainable

Reima + Moomin

Moomins have a special place in Finnish hearts, including our own. As every story contains a grain of truth, we believe that at its best, a Nordic childhood is like living in Moominvalley, exploring one’s surroundings with boundless curiosity. Our role as adults is to make space for kids’ imaginative adventures with encouragement and by providing a safe environment. Safe, easy-care clothing that enables and inspires movement is a key component of this.

Our Moomin prints and reversible overall bring a touch of joy to the everyday. And last but not least, the high quality of fabrics ensures that they can be washed over and over again without losing shape or fading, which is a pretty big deal in baby clothing.

Meet the Moomin characters

What people are saying

The Reima Baby Box accomplishes the same thing [as a subscription box]—taking the guesswork out of buying infant clothing. It includes 17 pieces of gender-neutral baby clothing and accessories from the beloved Scandinavian brand. Consider it a capsule wardrobe for your little one, so you can focus on resting and soaking up the time with your newborn.

Skip the hassle this holiday season! Express your love to the newest bundle of joy and his/her family with this full-of-magic starter kit.

Reima promises all this and more with the Reima Baby Kit. You get a complete package of bliss at one low price. This 17-piece starter kit offers 70% off from the regular retail price…Play it safe when you don’t know the baby’s gender and get this unisex kit. All the items take Moomins as inspiration…And we haven’t yet discussed the most exciting feature of this starter kit. It’s not the peace of mind you get from buying an all-inclusive gift.


Every mom needs this :)

This is a box for all the moms to be. It’s a wonderful present to yourself or to ask your family and friends. The clothes are amazing and practical. Colorful and easy to use. Box they come in, is a beautiful Finnish tradition worth reading about.

Pinja, Anchorage, Alaska

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