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Scarves & Neck Warmers for Toddlers

Put the finishing touches on your toddler’s outfit with our collection of baby booties, toddler scarves, and other accessories.

Our colorful scarves and toddler neckwarmers come in cheerful colors and soft materials that’ll bring a smile to your little one’s face.

Shop Reima’s fun and functional range below.

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What Sets Reima Apart

  • Material matters! We use fine Merino wool blends, super-soft fleece and our own Reimatec waterproof, breathable fabric for comfort and durability
  • Details are everything—baby booties have elasticated or drawstring ankles for extra protection against the cold and our scarves are soft and colorful
  • All our range is easy to care for—just put it in the washing machine and dry at room temperature

From Finland With Love

Babies and toddlers need fresh air as much as older children do. In fact, did you know that in Finland babies and toddlers nap outdoors? Parents believe that their babies do their best napping wrapped up warm in a snowsuit and sleeping in a stroller.

Our warm winter accessories are made to withstand Nordic temperatures so we know a thing or two about keeping little ones warm and comfortable in all weather. Shop the collection to find out more.