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Toddler Balaclavas

For whizzing down slopes and active days in seriously chilly weather, our toddler balaclavas are just the thing to keep little ones cozy outside.

With the coverage of both a hat and a scarf, these wool balaclavas for toddlers will soon become your little one’s go-to winter staple.

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Our toddler balaclavas are as cozy as it gets

  • Soft Merino wool makes these balaclavas extra soft and cozy
  • Reinforced ears protect little ones from chilly gusts
  • The cotton-blend lining is soft against delicate skin

Here’s why we love Merino wool

Merino wool has become a huge favorite for both outdoor and indoor wear but do you know what makes it so great and the difference between regular and Merino wool? Read our mini guide to find out.

Merino wool comes from the merino sheep, which produce finer, lighter wool. This means none of the itchiness associated with traditional wool, making it perfect for toddler clothing. Not only that, but merino wool is great at resisting odor and regulating temperature so it’s perfect for base layers that stay close to the skin.

Finally, merino wool is easy to clean and can usually be machine washed. Just lay it flat to dry!