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Mono-Material Fully Recyclable Products

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Reima mono-material products help fight climate change

Reima is focused on gearing up the next generation of active, happy kids, preparing them for the world to come. With more recycled content and more mono-material styles than ever before, durable Reima clothes that fight climate change are becoming a never-ending story.

Usually, clothes are made from many different materials and are therefore less valuable as raw material in recycling. Reima has changed this by developing mono-material products, for easier recycling. Buyers can register the garments at myreima.com to follow their journey onward to new owners. Finally, when they are no longer usable, Reima takes them back to be recycled into something else.

Moreover, the styles are versatile, which increases their usage time: the quilted mono-material warmer jackets are great early autumn outerwear on rainless days, and when worn under the waterproof shell jackets, the combination is equal to a winter coat.

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