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Award winning warmth

Product Spotlight: Stavanger Snowsuit

Chosen as Best in Test in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, this is our absolutely most durable Reimatec snowsuit.

Stavanger will keep kids warm up to -5° Fahrenheit (-20 °C).

For sizes 12M-3T see the smaller version, Gotland.

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NA Together with the weather - Stavanger

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Rainwear for drizzly fall days

NA Fall Collection - Lammikko & Lampi

Product Spotlight: Lammikko

Reima rainwear protects against rain and sleet with a waterproof, non-toxic PU coating. Waterproof seams provide even more protection.

Lammikko rain pants pull right over the clothing to keep your kiddo clean and dry - while the Vesi rain jacket provides protection from rain for the upper half!

Materials are good for year-round use and won't harden in cold weather.

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Weightless warmth

Weightless Warmth

Product Spotlight: Fossila Jacket

Our new Fossila jacket is the coolest puffy autumn warmer that’s usable all winter long, too - with less stress on the planet, thanks to the 100% recycled shell material. Available in many fun colors to choose from.

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Shoes made for play

Product Spotlight: Lenkkari Sneaker

Run, jump and skip into the new school year in style. Shop our sustainable, plant-based shoes made from hemp and recycled rubber.

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Fluffy & planet-friendly

Fluffy and Planet Friendly

Product Spotlight: Turkikas Pull-Over

When the autumn wind blows, a fuzzy, sherpa fleece sweatshirt with is just what you need!

Turkikas comes in bright colors and funky patterns.

It’s made from 60% recycled plastic drink bottles so it’s a heart-warming piece for all friends of animals and our planet.

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Keep it cozy head to toe

Product Spotlight: Piletti Trapper Hat

Sherpa fleece trapper hat, Piletti, is sure to be a crowd pleaser! Super soft and comes in funky colors perfect for girls and boys.

Pair with the Turkikas sherpa fleece sweatshirt - or kavhilla as shown in the picture!

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Piletti - Image

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