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UV-protected swimwear & sunhats, Xylitol cool activewear, breathable shoes...


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Let the Sun Shine - Not Burn

With UV protective gear to shield kids from the sun's harmful rays and magical cooling activewear for hot summer days - Reima gear empowers kids to play outdoors longer.

So Kids Can Play outside Longer

Swimwear with 50+ UPF protection

With Reima swimwear, kids can safely play in the sun for up to 50x longer!

Instead of a sunburn in 30 minutes even after globs of sunscreen, children can get safely get more playtime, while reducing the amount of sticky sunscreen needed.

Let the sun shine - not burn

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UPF 50+ Sunhats

Shoes for Summer

Shop footwear for all your summer adventures! With water shoes, sandals, sneakers and our new barefoot shoes, there are plenty of options for all your summertime adventures!

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Barefoot Shoes

Summer Category Page - Barefoot Shoes

The joy of movement starts at the feet

Our barefoot shoes allow kids to safely enjoy playing outdoors while supporting the growth of healthy feet. With kids' fast-growing feet, a flat sole - called a zero drop heel - and wide toe box is very important.

It ensures toes have enough space to grow straight, and the foot can move, flex, arch and bend in a natural pattern.

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☀️ Keeping Cool While It’s Hot ☀️

Want to play outside but the sun is just too hot?

Our Xylitol Cool clothing uses Xylitol in the material, a natural sweetener from Finnish Birch trees!

It has a cooling effect like peppermint, so when used in clothing, it can cool down a child's body temperature by 2–5 degrees Fahrenheit!

Xylitol Cooling Hiking Shirts

Stay Cool with Xylitol

Our Vauhdikas shirt is perfect for hiking on hot days. It will keep kids cool as they work up a sweat!

Vauhdikas comes in several colors to choose from and sizes ranging from 4T-8Y. Perfect for active boys and girls!

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