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Rainy weather is perhaps the best inspiration for imaginative outdoor games. Our gear lets your kid dig the longest channels and make the wildest rain dance moves through any drizzle, shower, or storm.

Reima rainwear is non-toxic and fitted loose so it can also be worn on top of all other outdoor outfits. Our rainwear is 100% safe, and the fabric is PVC-free, so it helps make sure also future rains will be clean.

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It's OK to play in the rain

10 Fun Things To Do in the Rain With Kids

It’s not always a bad thing when it rains on your parade! Everyone enjoys fun in the sun, but there’s plenty of joy to be had outdoors when it pours!

If you’re struggling to come up with some ideas, fear not. Reima has you covered with a list of 10 fun, rainy day outdoor activities. Grab your raincoats and boots, and be prepared to have a blast with your kids despite a little drizzle!

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