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A soft shell jacket is an extremely versatile piece of clothing characterized by its warmth and breathability. No matter if you are looking for an everyday jacket or light protection during a family hike, this style is a great option!

In this article, we will break down what soft shell jackets are used for and compare and contrast them with hard shell jackets. You’ll be confident the next time you pack for your child’s outdoor adventure!

What Are Soft Shell Jackets Used For?

Soft shell outfits are perfect for kids on the move. The soft, flexible material is comfortable but tough and can be worn year-round. Wind and waterproof protection make softshell products perfect for any weather, too. Versatility is where soft shell really shines, making your life easier and your kids more comfortable.

Hard Shell vs Soft Shell Jackets

Still unsure if soft shell is the way to go? It’s important to consider the activities you enjoy along with your style and material preference. Both soft and hard shells are beneficial in their own way.

Pros of Hard Shell Jackets

Cons of Hard Shell Jackets

Pros of Soft Shell Jackets

Cons of Soft Shell Jackets

Why Choose Reima’s Soft Shell Jackets?

Our kids' light jackets , like the Vantti , have windproof, breathable surface material that repels both dirt and water. The inside is lined with either jersey or fleece, which is light but warm. These soft shell jackets don’t have taped seams , but they do have a waterproof and breathable membrane in between the inner and outer layers. To cut down on washing and keep clothing clean longer, softshell products also have a non-toxic, fluorocarbon-free durable dirt- and water-repellent finish (DWR).

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The last thing you want to slow your family bonding time down is the clothes on your back. Make sure you have your kids covered for the next hike and stock up on the best soft shell products Reima has to offer! From light jackets to soft shell pants , our selection of breathable, flexible products will be with you every step of the way!

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