Choose the right size

Get the balance right! A good fit with enough room for layers warms kids up without slowing them down.

Children can feel comfortable and safe in correctly sized clothing. Tight clothes can prevent free playing and climbing. It can be difficult to move around in outfits that are too long or loose, and they may get caught.

Outerwear should be suitably loose to enable a sufficient number of mid layers and air for insulation – clothes that are too tight will not provide warmth.

## How long will a garment fit my child?

Reima® garments have around 2-3 inches of room for growth, which also allows for your child to wear layers underneath for all outerwear.

If your child is around a size 4T in the autumn and is of a thin or medium body type, a size 4T should fit comfortably through the winter. However, kids can grow in spurts, so sometimes a larger size may be a wise choice.

It is recommended to try clothing on because there are differences between the styles: our collection contains loose outfits as well as closer-fitting ones. Additionally, children are all built differently.

Ask your child to crouch down: the back of the overalls should not become too tight – there should be sufficient length from the crotch to the neck.

Ask your child to lift his/her arms up to the side: the sleeve length is correct when the wrists remain covered.

Do the trouser legs crease too much? Select a smaller size or shorten the overalls by adjusting the waist as appropriate. The leg ends usually have foot loops or an adjustment system that enables you to prevent the end of the leg from going under the foot.

If the length of the garment is correct but more space is needed around the stomach or shoulders, choose a looser cut or larger size.

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