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We are the Willink family with the self-given title: Third Coast Tribe! We are a family who is lovers of all things outdoors. Hiking, traveling, exploring, experiencing, creating, documenting – these are a few of our favorite verbs. We relocated to the Third Coast in 2017 to be closer to the family after spending 5 years living out west in Arizona.

For those of you who don’t know, the Third Coast is the Great Lakes region. We live in Michigan to be specific. Some of our biggest adventures to date include living and working at the happiest place on earth, Disney World of Orlando, full-time RV living for a year, road-tripping Route 66, and traveling the PCH. We’ve trekked through most of the lower 48 states, backpacked western Europe; we’ve hiked everywhere from places like the south rim of the Grand Canyon during the hot summer months, to a massive glacier in a blistery winter in Iceland. We’ve checked many national parks off the list as well. All of this is done in an effort to satisfy our never-ending wanderlust!

We can’t mention all of these adventures without including our two biggest little adventure partners! Remy, 6 and Jade, 4. Even though their legs are tiny, they are learning the art of adventure from an early age and are always up for the thrill of exploration. Seeing our girls' eyes light up as we reach the summit and look out at the mountain view, or their minds spinning as we teach them what makes the grass green, the bird’s chirp, or why people and cultures are different than ours but equally as beautiful, makes all the extra work to travel with kids completely worth it.

We also started a local family meet-up group called “Off Kid Grid.” Check them out here.

Adventuring in town, in the mountains, or in your backyard – you want the absolute best for your kids. While you may go ‘cheap’ on yourself, don’t go cheap on your kids. Protecting them while adventuring keeps your kids comfortable and happy and will make better memories for everyone. This is why we choose Reima for our kids! Use my discount code THIRDCOAST20 for 20% off all Reima products

Favorite Swim

Vesihiisi One Piece Swimsuit

This swimsuit is perfect for any adventure and helping block the sun. We especially love this style so we can hike to the great lakes, have a beach adventure with possibly even some paddle boarding and back again. All this while being comfortable & protected from the sun!
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Top Light Jacket

Anise Spring Jacket

These are our favorite rain jackets for many reasons but the main one has to be how durable it is. With the unknown weather situations our adventures bring, durability is very important so that is why we pick the dirt repellant.
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Top Track Jacket

Harket Track Jacket

We live and adventure in a lot of areas where the weather can change quickly and without notice. You may be hot one moment and chilled from the wind the next. We found that a light layer is important to always have on hand, even in the summer. This is by far our favorite as you can see mama loves this light, breathable layer even for herself!
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Favorite Dress

Tuulia Cooling Dress

These dresses are my girl’s first pick. I love that they have been recycled and my girls are comfortable during the hot days because of the cooling material! The color is just so perfect too!
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