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Hi there! Before the kids came along, I was a mountain athlete. I always knew I wanted to share my adventurous lifestyle with my family. Getting outside with my two children in Colorado is part of our daily routine- sunshine or snow. We love to ski, hike, bike, climb, and especially camp together. Sometimes we spend hours on the trail examining pinecones or following beetles. My “motherhood with a side of dirt” adventure blog teaches families the skills they need to get outside together and create their own legacy of family adventure.

The key to adventure with children is making sure everybody is safe, dry, and comfortable. When I first started researching outerwear for little ones, I was frustrated with the quality of clothing I was finding for children… until I found Reima. Reima’s clothing is specifically designed for the way children play and move. My wild little ones easily run, jump, roll, and play hard whether we are in the snow, dirt, or encountering a rain puddle on our way to preschool (oops). And don’t get me started on the taped seams, the breathable and waterproof materials, or the warmth ratings. If I’m being honest with you, my children’s outerwear is currently even better than my own. And that’s just the way it should be.

In our family, we teach our children to care for the environment. We practice Leave No Trace principles, minimize our use of single-use-plastics, and bring an extra bag to collect litter on the trail. Reima’s commitment to sustainability and use of non toxic materials is important to me.

If you have questions about camping with infants, teaching little ones to ride a bike or ski, or want to see how I dress my children for a winter backcountry adventure, I share all my tips on my website. I believe you can create your own legacy of family adventure- no matter how experienced you are right now. The seats of our pants are usually dusty, and we usually turn around early when somebody needs a nap. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Check out my Instagram page @brooke.froelich to ask any questions as I love to share all about Reima! Check out my top Reima picks.

Stavanger Snowsuit

The Stavanger transformed the way my oldest child played in the snow. He skis and plays HARD, and I never have to worry about him overheating or sweating inside the Stavanger (it’s ultra breathable). We’ve ridden the chairlift on cold, wet days without a single complaint, when most kids are inside the lodge. Whether I am towing him in the backcountry on a cold day in our chariot, or he makes a snowman in the backyard with his friend, I know he is comfortable, warm, and happy to be outside. Our youngest wears the Lappi snowsuit , as it is made for infants/toddlers.

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Hauho One-Piece Jumpsuit

Our daughter does a lot of running, rolling, and sliding on her bum down the trail. Instead of worrying about her getting wet, chilly, or “dirty” (actually, we don’t worry much about getting dirty in our family), we slide her into her waterproof/windproof/dirt-repellent jumpsuit. It’s just easy, and she moves and plays so comfortably when she wears it. She can plop right into a puddle, or lay in some wet grass, and all is well in the world. (My son is wearing a Green Vantti Softhsell Jacket , another favorite.)

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Kortelli Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

My son lives in these shirts in the summertime. Fast drying, UV protective, and durable. He loves the stretchy, smooth feel of these shirts, and I love that they are made from recyclable materials. The UV protection is important as I usually only apply sunscreen to his arms/face in the summer. My son also has the short-sleeved version of this shirt, the Aksila .

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Brooke's Top Reima Picks

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