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Kristin’s Story

I have loved the outdoors my whole life, but experiencing it with kids has taken my enthusiasm for exploration to a new level. Our family motto is “every day can be an adventure”; adventures can be grand and include climbing mountains, or they can be micro explorations to see what is living in a puddle.

The important thing for us is to get out every day no matter what the weather, and see what kind of adventure we can create. Getting outside every day in Alaska is easy for us because there is always something amazing to do, but we definitely need the best gear to live our best outdoor life!

Kids don’t see a rainy camping trip as a bummer; they see it as a blast! But if everybody doesn’t stay dry, it can be an uncomfortable time. Reima gear helps prolong our outings and make sure we only come in because we’re done exploring, not because someone is wet or cold. Buying quality gear that will last through (and beyond!) multiple children is an environmentally responsible choice.

Talking about gear is one of my favorite things to do, so I’m always happy to answer any questions about how we dress for a downpour or how we can stay out so long when it’s -25F, and you can see my kids in their Reima-clad glory over at @alaskawildlings . Also head to where I’m one of 13 Mountain Mamas, along with Amelia , who review all sorts of awesome gear like Reima to help get every family outside, or my personal blog

Lammikko Rain Bibs

Rain bibs are one of the pieces of gear I recommend most, they are incredibly versatile and we use them spring through fall. They were first recommended to us when my oldest started forest school years ago, and they really should be considered an essential item for cold and wet exploration. Even on bluebird sunny days, we use them for morning lake exploration to help keep us warm and dry in the mud. And for puddle splashing, they really cannot be beaten.
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Stavanger Snowsuit

We’ve had a lot of snowsuits we really like over the years, but this one is the winner hands down. It’s warm and completely waterproof. Very well made, with great attention to detail, the lower cuffs have silicone stirrups to help them stay on and a cinch-snap to help them stay tight around the boot. The faux fur really does help keep wind and wet out of little faces, and it looks beautiful. Thrilled with this suit!
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Lento Trousers

Perfect packable rain pants for hiking or backpacking. Very lightweight so the kids don’t overheat, and easy to stow in a pack. The generous zip at the bottom makes them quick and easy to get on over boots if it starts to rain or the wind picks up. One of our favorite hikes is often quite windy at the top and these have become a staple in our bag to help keep us warm at the top. The button waist adjustment makes them fit perfectly.
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Vandra/Vild/Vantti Softshell Jackets

These are wonderful fall jackets. Great freedom of movement, waterproof but very soft and flexible. Very easy to work zippers for little hands.
Learn more about our softshell jackets

Ote Mittens

Very warm and cushy mittens with insulated uppers and long cuffs (long cuffs are a MUST for us!). Completely waterproof so great in cold and in wet snow, and lots of wonderful colors to choose from.
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