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In 2019, out toddler Reimatec classic overall Gotland was Best in Test in Sweden.

Gotland Snowsuit

What would be the best winter outerwear for a walking baby or toddler? Look no further - our award-winner Gotland is a masterpiece of comfort. It comes heavily recommended by the Best in Test families and jury, so we recommend you get yours before someone else does ;) 

The mighty island of Gotland stands alone in the middle of the Baltic Sea. In the winter, it’s home of blistering winds and harsh snowstorms to the likes of a harsh Alaskan winter. That’s the weather our snowsuit is built to keep toddlers warm in. 

Snow or rain is no problem to this overall, and it meets any frost with confidence. But don’t just take our word for it. The Best in Test jury says: “A well-constructed winter one-piece of the highest quality, always keeping warm and dry.”  

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This lightly insulated retro snowsuit is the perfect choice for milder winters. 

Marte Mid: Snowsuit for Mild Winters

Say “moi” (hello in Finnish) to our classic toddlers’ snowsuit that was inspired by the distinctive Reima design style of the 1970s. The Marte-Mid was first introduced in 2014 and thanks to its bold features and uncompromising functionality, it immediately became a hit among parents across the world. 

During the years, we’ve kept the light insulation, the roomy pockets, and soft rib cuffs, but added tiny touches of genius here and there to make this one-piece even more functional and even better fitting. Add fresh new colors, and you can understand why parents and kids have loved it for years.

For the same style for colder winters, we’ve also made the Marte snowsuit.

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Chosen as Best in Test, this is our absolutely most durable & popular snowsuit

Stavanger Snowsuit: One-piece Waterproof Snowsuit

This Reima classic was born in 2014. We named it Stavanger, because thanks to its insulation and super strong fabric, it stands up to the weather of the ice-coated shores of the North Atlantic, just like the Norwegian city it got its name from.

So, what makes the Stavanger so special? For starters, it’s made from extremely strong, waterproof yet breathable material. The adjustable waist ensures a snug fit. Add a cozy detachable faux fur trimmed hood and foot loops that keep the legs in place, and you can see why it’s so popular.

Here’s what the independent Swedish testing site, Bäst-i-Test, said when it gave it top prize in 2018: “Warm without being sweaty, great resistance of water and abrasion, very good fitting, excellent value for money.” We couldn’t have said it any better.

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For the Gotland Snowsuit

  1. Perfect fit | The jury praises the overall for ease of dressing and marks it masters the art of feeling spacious, yet being flexibly close to the body.
  2. Very easy to keep clean | The safe, non-fluorinated surface treatment lets you cut down on the washing and just quickly rinse or wipe the surface clean. This saves time, water, and detergent.
  3. Just the right warmth | The fluffy insulation bends with the child and keeps its fluff in washes. There is an extra layer of insulation at the seat, to ensure sitting in the snow will be fun for longer.
  4. Amazingly waterproof | The safe, fluorocarbon-free waterproof membrane on the reverse of the fabric is breathable for comfort yet gives a reliable water column of 15,000 mm. With waterproof seams, this is more than enough for a toddler to splash around freely.
  5. Makes dressing a snowsuit a pleasure | The elastic arm and leg-ends are precisely tight enough, yet easy to pull over mittens and boot shafts. The long zipper helps as well.

For the Stavanger Snowsuit

  1. Extremely durable fabric | In case your kids forgot their snow sliders home!

  2. Waterproof & breathable material | When kids are dry, the snowman building project can last longer.

  3. Waterproof seams | No leakage, even during the highest puddle splashes.

  4. Fluorocarbon free water and dirt repellent finish | Less washing, just wipe the dirt off and the snow armor shines again.

  5. Detachable hood | Keep your climbers safe: the hood comes easily off if it gets caught.

  6. Durable silicone foot loops | They keep the leg ends in place, making sure ankles stay dry when plunging in piles of snow.

  7. Detachable faux fur trim | An original invention of the Arctic, the trim warms the cheeks during hard frost.

For the Marte Mid Snowsuit

  1. Waterproof, with waterproof seams | Because it may rain during the expedition to the ditch, but that’s no problem.

  2. Fluorocarbon-free water and dirt repellent | Wipe off the dirt to be ready for the next worm hunt.

  3. Detachable hood | Keep your tiny explorer safe: the hood comes easily off if it gets caught.

  4. Light insulation | Easy and reliable companion for many months, from early autumn to winter frosts – just add more warm layers underneath.

  5. Soft rib on the hood edge and cuffs| A retro feature that’s not only stylish but makes the one-piece so comfortable toddlers will love wearing it.

  6. Detachable, durable silicone foot loops | For keeping the leg ends in place, so that ankles stay dry while splashing in puddles.

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