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The perfect rain pants to wear for sitting in a puddle

The Lammikko Rain Pants

The name Lammikko means Puddle in Finnish, which is perfect because kids love playing in puddles and enjoying the wonderful wetness by jumping in them for hours. Our rain pants keep them perfectly dry.

These best-seller rain pants have suspenders to make sure they stay perfectly through all types of weather. Our rain pants also provide a little extra room for growth and layering clothes underneath. The raised waist at the back and the front gives additional coverage for little bakers of mud cakes.

To get a colorful, storm-proof combo that cheers up any rainy day, match these pants with a Lampi raincoat. For rain pants without suspenders, see the Oja rain pants.

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Our traditional rain coat has more to it than you'd imagine.

The Lampi Rain Jacket

For kids, rain can be sheer magic. Paddling in puddles is one of the greatest joys of childhood. Our classic bestseller ‘Lampi’ rain jacket is just what you need for a rainy day.

Snow is often wet. That’s why we have sizes ranging from 18M to 12Y in the Lampi rain jacket so you can wear these practical garments all year round. You can even wear them on top of insulated winter wear as all of our rain gear won’t freeze in the cold temperatures. And even if the weather is gray, your kid will look bright and cheerful in this fun protective gear.

Beware when clothes say waterproof – If the seams aren’t welded or taped, they might leak. All of our rain gear have welded or taped seams, so if we say waterproof, we mean it.

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For the Lammikko Rain Pants

  1. Waterproof, welded seams | Stay dry when sailing in a washbasin in the middle of a puddle.

  2. Adjustable elastic suspenders | Keep the pants up comfortably and give you more time to hunt the next pair when your kid has suddenly grown.

  3. Adjustable waist | Tuck in that little possible extra width, for better ease of movement.

  4. PVC free | To be sure that there are no nasty chemicals in your kid’s rainwear, we avoid PVC altogether.

  5. Raised waist | If your kid decides to examine the puddle lying down, this will help – for a second.

  6. Detachable elastic foot loops | They will keep the leg ends in place when training puddle jumps.

For the Lampi Rain Jacket

  1. Waterproof, welded seams | Stay dry when putting up your 5-star soup bistro in the rain.

  2. Flexible material | This raincoat will not harden in frost, so you can wear it all year round.

  3. PVC free | To be sure that there are no nasty chemicals in your kid’s rain wear, we avoid PVC altogether.

  4. Safe, detachable hood | The hood offers extra protection from showers, but it has to come off easily if it gets caught.

  5. Zipper at front | If you find yourself positioned horizontally in the water, a storm flap and zip offer additional coverage.

  6. Roomy cut | Works on top of winter clothes, too.

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