Sales and communications

Our communications, sales and marketing all strive for the same goal. Helping children everywhere enjoy the wonders of the outside world.

We want to be at families' service

In all our communications we want to promote our mission: Reima wants to guarantee kids the freedom to be active in any weather, safely and care-free. To help us in this work, we are looking for partners who share our values and goals.

Based on our values we want to communicate our responsibility in an active and transparent manner. An important part of this is offering consumers information which helps them to sustainably use and care for Reima® products.

We also carry out campaigns to lengthen the life of our products, as well as promoting their reuse and recycling.

To do all this on a valid basis, we need information from the users of our products. We get valuable feedback from kids' parents through various shop events and the customer care of our webshops. We are in continuous dialogue with families through our Test Patrols, Reima Friends loyal customer program and social media. Also our Reima Lab community is currently open to Friends who wishes to share their opinions and experiences to help us develop our products and services.

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