Update on COVID-19

Statement from us and various tips and ideas from independent sources and various partners.

As we all know, the world is facing a tough situation with COVID-19. For parents dealing with school, event and office closures while still looking after the family, this is certainly a new time for all of us, including our team here at Reima. We understand all of this can become overwhelming. That’s why we’re sharing UNICEF’s best practices and precautions in the images below and their guide on how to talk with your children about COVID-19. What remains most important is our children’s safety and health. Our Scandinavian philosophy remains, getting children outdoors can boost the well being of our children - and ourselves. We believe kids need to get outside and be active at least once a day to let out excess energy and get some fresh air - especially if they’re not going to school or daycare. During this time it is important to remember and encourage time for play. Consider taking your children on nature walks, to the beach or playing in the yard rather than to busy parks or group play dates. Be sure to wash your hands anytime you return inside. This site will remain open where you can still visit 24/7. As of now, our clothes can still be delivered and tried on safely at home. We have constant updates from our partners and if there is any issue, we will ensure the safety of everyone involved and will keep our customers informed if anything changes. By making small changes together, we can make a big difference to help the world overcome this challenge. See below on some of UNICEF’s best practices, fun activities and where you can help donate to those who need it the most!

Unicef’s Best Practices

Instagram Giveaways

@mtnmamatales get outside, if you can, challenge

Follow the Tales of a Mountain Mama team on Instagram during their #getoutsidefamily challenge. They also have alternatives for families stuck inside or who have limited outdoor access, so everyone can participate. Click the link to learn more.

Follow @mtnmamatales on Instagram

Stay at home activities

@thirdcoasttribe’s stay at home activities

This are trying times right now, but our partner @thirdcoasttribe has put together a fantastic list of activities that are fun to set up and fun to do.

Adventure is right outside

Kids need your help

Consider a small donation so kids can eat

With so many schools closed down due to COVID-19, many children in this country will lose their access to healthy meals. These donations will directly go to helping these kids, through No Kid Hungry. Click the button to donate!


Let’s do some coloring

Get creative

Inspire your little ones to do some coloring. Click here to download some images and dress the paper dolls in some great Reima gear!

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