19 Indoor playing tips

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What to do if things start getting too hectic indoors with the kids? The easy answer is to go out, but there’s no need to despair if that’s not an option. Thanks to these top tips from other parents, you’ll soon channel that excess energy into creativity rather than chaos.

1. Make an obstacle course in the living room. No touching the floor!

2. Have the kids count everything: how many lamps, rugs, soft toys, and toy cars can they find?

3. Build a den on the sofa. Snacks negotiable.

4. Plant seeds. The project gets better all spring as your plants start to grow.

5. Baking is the best, but remember to agree in advance who measures what.

6. Turn a cereal packet into a toys’ house or an aquarium with fish swimming on strings.

7. Who says soap bubbles aren’t allowed indoors? Just do it in the bathroom.

8. Bring the puppet theatre to your home. Painted cardboard makes fantastic dolls and the sofa serves as a stage.

9. It’s story time! Everyone comes up with a sentence in turn – without scaring younger siblings.

10. Play hide and seek indoors or try hide-a-bear, and search for the kids’ favourite soft toy.

11. Magic putty is easy as 1, 2, 3, all you need is flour, salt and water. It’s just like play dough and looks even cooler painted!

12. Kick-start a home kiosk. Everything must go, and payment is in sticker currency.

13. Make a splash in the bathroom. Open a car wash for plastic cars or a spa for the dolls.

14. Audio books

15. Write a letter, draw a picture, or make a video or video call to grandma or grandad. Small things can bring the biggest happiness!

16. Play bingo. For the smallest kids, shapes or animals can replace numbers.

17. Say hi to organic slime. Mix potato starch and water, and voilà!

18. Home bowling is allowed in times of crisis. Whose ball topples the most empty milk cartons?

19. Line up chairs to invite soft toys or dolls on a train trips. Packing and tickets are part of the fun.

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