Innovative, durable clothing for kids.

Designed to keep toddlers playing outdoors - no matter the weather.

Reima's Popular Rain Gear

Rain is a joy for all senses

Toddlers love to splish, splash and jump in the biggest puddles they can find – and we say go right ahead! Reima rainwear keeps them dry and comfy on the inside, no matter how wet it gets outside. Our rainwear is 100% safe, and the fabric is PVC-free, so it helps make sure also future rains will be clean. In fact, the non-toxic material means that toddlers can even taste the rain on their gear! Have you seen our new seasonal prints?
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Swimwear with UV 50+ Protection

I can play in the sun for longer!

Whether shoveling sand or wading the shore, our SunProof collection lets toddlers play safe and have fun in the sun for up to 50 times longer. With UV 50+ protection woven right into the fabric, our SunProof swimwear, swim shirts and hats keep little ones safe with way less messy sun lotion. And our UV range is made with recycled material, so it protects the planet too!
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Durable, environmentally friendly jackets

What's good for your toddler is good for the planet

Life with a toddler is often messy. To skip some of the laundering, we’ve finished our outerwear to be durably water and dirt repellent. This saves both your time and the environment. Our gear is made entirely without harmful chemicals, to make sure it’s non-toxic for the little ones.
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Happy little feet

Shoes for adventurous toddlers

If you’ve got a toddler, you know – little feet are always on the go! Reima shoes are made to protect kids’ feet on all their outdoor adventures, so they can walk, run and jump carefree in all seasons. And our Happy Fit insoles make sure your toddler’s shoes fit just right, which is key for healthy growing feet.
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Have fun, little one

Reima keeps kids exploring

Exploring the world is an in-the-ditch, on-all-fours, and tasting-the-sand experience for a toddler. And in Reima clothes, you can! Our toddler collection is made to keep little ones warm, dry, safe and comfy with clothes and shoes that are easy to wear and easy to care for. It’s no wonder Reima clothes are loved by kids, parents and Mother Nature herself.
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Clothing designed to last

Growing out of everything?

Toddlers have special body proportions and needs, so we’ve designed smart features like extra insulation on the seat, plenty of room for diapers, and details like long zippers that make it easier to dress even the squirmiest toddler. But they’re also made to support kids as they grow, which means they’re cut and designed to fit your little one for as long as possible.

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