Winter Jacket of the Future

Kulkija Winter Jacket

Our 2nd foray into the mono-material space is our winter jacket, named Kulkija, which translates into “traveler.” made from mono-material and built to last. This recyclable winter jacket is fully waterproof with sealed seams, flexible, and breathable! As is the case with all Reima clothes, several children can wear it, but when it is finally too worn to protect from snow and rain, it can be entirely recycled and used as material for new products. The Kulkuja comes in 5 vibrant colors in sizes 4T - 14Y.
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Spring/Autumn Jacket of the Future

Voyager Mid-Season Jacket

We’ve designed the Voyager jacket to show how a sustainable future is truly possible for our kids. Crafted from a single material, the Voyager mid-season jacket is 100% fully recyclable. Once your Voyager jacket is succumbed to years and years of rough and tumble use, return it to Reima for a reward so the material can be used to create totally new products.

Voyager’s groundbreaking design epitomizes everything we hold dear, closing the loop between production, active use, and up-cycling. It represents the future of our industry and the future our children deserve.As well as being wind and rain proof, it’s future proof, too.

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How Reima Uses Recycling to Meet Sustainability Goals

See our write-up on, which talks about how brands, like Reima, do more to help save our planet.

From the article – Finnish childrenswear brand Reima has designed the Kulkija winter jacket to be 100% recycled. It is made from a mono-material making it easily recycled, so when it is finally worn out it can be sent back to Reima to be recycled back to polymers and made into new products.

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