Warmth With Recycled Ground Coffee

Coffee brings big benefits

Now Innerwear Made From Coffee

Introducing Fleece Made From Coffee

We use your used coffee to spin it into our fabric to make our fleece jackets, sweatpants, and union suit for toddlers. The coffee has a super absorbent surface that will heat up quickly but also allows for air to circulate so your child feels comfortable. These coffee bean products also give the clothes anti-static and anti-odor properties, just like real coffee.
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Coffee keeps infants warm, yet comfortable

From Infants to Big Kids and Everyone In Between

From brisk Spring/Autumn days to the cold winter days, Reima makes one-piece rain suits and snowsuits for babies of all sizes and all seasons. The Tilkkanen sleeping bag for babies is insulated with responsible down and transforms easily into a snowsuit when the baby learns to walk. The Tassilla is fully waterproof and has the highest available breathability rating, so your child will stay warm, yet comfortable.
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Finns love coffee, and this love is shared by billions of people worldwide. Coffee helps us stay awake, but thanks to a recent innovation, coffee can help improve our clothes, too.

A few Finnish coffee translations

Tilkkanen = a few drops, a tiny amount of liquid

Kupponen = a little cup of something

Sumppi = slang for coffee

Kahvi = coffee

Coffee in Jackets? Yes!

Coffee keeps everyone warm

Finns love coffee, and this love is shared by billions of people worldwide. Coffee helps us stay awake, but thanks to a recent innovation, coffee can help improve our clothes too. When used coffee grounds are roasted at high temperatures, they finally become carbon, and the carbon forms honeycomb structures. By adding tiny particles of this carbon into polyester, we can increase its heat retention capability. Those small, hollow honeycomb caves in the fabric store heat, pretty much like a car when it gets very hot in the sun and traps the heat inside. Besides storing heat, carbon decreases the build-up of static electricity in the fabric and prevents the formation of odors, too. But no, the fabric doesn’t smell like coffee, although many coffee-loving parents could wish it did!
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Award-Winning Coffee Bean Shimmer

Winner of the National Parenting Product Award

We’re very proud of all our new innovations and our coffee bean shimmer innovation is no different. We submitted the Beringer and Heiberg jackets to be judged by the National Parenting Product panel and we won! See below to view some of the testimonials from the judges.
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Review NAPPA Judges Comments

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What an amazingly crafted jacket. The jacket is water and dirt repellent and you can tell. Just a little drop of water and it bounced right off the jacket. The fabric is amazing and it fits so well. We love the cut of the jacket.
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I honestly never heard of Reima before and began reading about it. Learning that it is a Finnish brand, I had comfort knowing that they know how to protect themselves well from the elements. Being in Southern California, cold weather is not an issue, but you do want a quality jacket for the colder seasons or for traveling to frigid destinations.
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It looks like it is made well and can take a beating. This is great for children who play rough and toss their jackets around. There were many details considered. It is insulated well and not bulky. It has leather tabs on zippers for easy grasp and control, especially with gloves on. Sizes are made a bit bigger so that there is room to grow. Hoods have some elastics to stay on heads during windy days.

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