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On family hikes and days out on the town, hours spent in a swimming pool or staying warm in a brisk wind, our collection of tops for toddlers will keep little ones warm and dry. Our easy-care range is comfortable and breathable, and the cheery colors are sure to brighten everyone’s mood. Shop our toddler tops made from soft fleece, cozy wool or lightweight synthetic material and protect your little one from the elements.

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What Sets our Tops for Toddlers Apart?

  • Knit-look tops have the feel of sweaters but perform like fleece
  • Moisture-wicking fabric, like Xylitol Cool, keeps active toddlers dry all-day
  • Longer back hems keep young children warm
  • Our tops are easy to care for—just machine wash dry at room temperature
  • Swim shirts with SPF 50+ protection to allow your kids to stay out all-day

Top Tips for Dressing Your Toddler

Dressing toddlers can be challenging but out tops for toddler boys and girls make it a little easier. Bright colors and soft, comfortable material make for clothes they’ll want to wear again and again. Follow these tips to make mornings with a toddler a little easier.

  1. Toddlers love to assert their independence so offer them a vote. Take out a couple of tops and ask which they prefer—they’ll feel in control and proud to wear their choice.
  2. Layers are your friends! A well-fitting base layer will keep moisture away from the skin.
  3. Pick your battles. Little ones can be stubborn and sometimes it’s OK to let them have their way. Just pack a sensible outfit, like our soft fleece toddler tops and some softshell pants for them to change into later.

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