Kids Hiking Gear

Clothing with innovative materials to keep kids protected from the sun’s harmful rays and heat - so they can keep trekking on and doing the things they love.

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Our Innovative Outdoor Clothing Collections

Sunshine in the forecast? Protect your kids against 98% of harmful rays with our sunproof hats, swimsuits and clothing .

Hot and sweaty after some outdoor fun? Our activewear collection features Xylitol - a natural, edible sweetener - into to keep your kids cool as peppermint.

Shop our innovative outdoor clothing - inspired by nature, to be worn in nature.

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Sunproof clothing fit for every adventure

Explore the great outdoors with lightweight clothing with 50+ UPF protection - so you can spend less time lathering up your kids with sunscreen and more time having fun!
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Nothing could be sweeter

Xylitol Cooling Activewear

Outdoor summer activities are loads of fun, but being hot and sweaty can cut adventures short. Our Xylitol Cooling Activewear collection is perfect for any outdoor activity. The finishing treatment in our Xylitol Cool fabric gives a cooling effect on the skin - helping to reduce the body temperature by 1-3 degrees!
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Our Favorite Hiking Gear for the Small Ones

Waterproof suits to keep toddlers clean and dry

Reima kids know there’s no such thing as bad weather and our head-to-toe toddler rain suits are sure to brighten their intrepid outdoor adventures. Free from PVC, phthalates and other harmful chemicals, they’re made from non-toxic material that’s soft and flexible, and won’t harden in cold weather. Shop our bright collection of toddler rain suits below.
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Gear for even the smallest adventurer

At Reima, we aim to nurture a love for the outdoors in children of all ages, including babies. We believe little ones can join in on the fun in any weather with the right protection. Our baby bunting and snowsuits will keep the youngest members of the family warm and ready for adventure!
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Because even the thickest hair can’t protect against the sun’s rays…

Our hats prevent painful sunburns on the scalp. Lightweight and breathable our sunproof hats have UPF 50+ protection - blocking 98% of harmful rays.

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