Why every kid’s closet needs softshell

Softshell is a true all-in-one

For starters, they’re ideal for kids on the move. The soft, flexible material is comfortable but tough, and can be worn year-round. Wind and waterproof protection make softshell products perfect for any weather, too. This versatility is where softshell really shines, making your life easier and your kids more comfortable.

Versatility means warmth all year long

One of the things parents love most about our softshell styles is that they work all year long. Kids can wear a softshell top as a jacket during warmer months and as a cozy mid-layer during the colder months. A detachable hood can be removed for easier layering, or kept on to protect against chilly weather and rain. Kids, of course, have different criteria for what makes a piece of clothing great—they love how softshell looks and how comfortable it is.

Wind, water and dirt-proof protection

Finally, our softshell products have windproof, breathable surface material, which repels dirt and water. The inside is lined with either jersey or fleece, both of which are light but warm. Our softshell products don’t have taped seams, but they do have a waterproof and breathable membrane in between the inner and outer layers. To cut down on washing and keep clothing clean longer, softshell products also have a non-toxic, fluorocarbon-free durable dirt- and water-repellent finish (DWR).

In short, softshell is easy, even when it’s breezy—and both parents and kids can agree on that.

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