Why active kids are down for wearing feathers

Down and feathers make autumn dressing a breeze

With mounds of leaves to kick through and puddles to jump in, it's no wonder why kids love fall. But in this unpredictable season, choosing the right clothes for kids to tackle the outdoors can be a challenge. That’s why this fall we’re taking the stress out of morning dress by fusing the perfect mix of down and feathers in our functional wear.

Comfortable versatility

Lightweight and versatile jackets made with 80% down and 20% feathers such as Fern, Filpa and Falk are ideal for chilly mornings, especially in the fall. Down is an excellent insulator, and feather adds softness and springiness. Feathers are naturally stiff, which helps clothes maintain their shape, so durable fabrics won’t flatten the insulation. And that’s not all. Our feather down jackets can be tumble-dried after soggy playdays or conveniently stored in a backpack when the afternoon sun comes to turn up the heat.

Responsible Down Standard certified

At Reima, we take animal welfare very seriously. That’s why we've chosen to have our feather and down certified by the Responsible Down Standard. This voluntary independent standard ensures that down and feathers come from animals that have not been unnecessarily harmed or mistreated, and prohibit force-feeding and live-plucking.

A down for the town

To complement our range of Responsible Down light jackets, we’ve come up with the ideal outfit for kids’ metropolitan outings – the 80% down breathable, dirt-and water-repellent urban vest. As versatile as it is cool, it keeps kids warm. What's more, the urban vest can be worn by itself or as a smart mid-layer with a cozy raincoat or fleece.

Fall is just around the corner! Be sure to visit Reima.com to greet the season in style.