Tips for wind and rain

Tips for wind and rain

Select a windproof, waterproof fabric for the outermost layer. In changing weather, it is a good idea to wear functional clothing – a waterproof, breathable outfit. Traditional waterproofs are handy in rainy weather. Footwear and gloves should also be waterproof.

To make things easy on yourself, choose a functional outfit – one that is waterproof but breathable – and you may not need a separate waterproof outfit at all. Footwear and gloves should also be waterproof.

Wind makes the outdoor temperature feel significantly lower. The head and ears should be protected from breezes that can feel cold even in sunny weather. Base layers that transfer moisture away are the saviours of spring and autumn days: when energy starts running low, there is less danger of getting cold when the skin is less sweaty. Have you tried Reima’s Play Jersey products? They are an entirely new type of technical jersey that does not look like a traditional, boring undergarment; it works as a base layer, indoor wear, a summer outfit or an exercise garment.

Breathable mid layer garments provide warmth on cooler days. Don’t forget that children should have functional socks containing synthetic fibres that transfer moisture away, if they are wearing waterproof footwear.


A sufficient water column for walks and outdoor activities near the home is 1,000–3,000 mm. Waterproof, breathable shoes guarantee that the feet will stay dry for trips in the city and journeys to school.

Playing in puddles

Puddle-jumpers should have their lower body protected by rain trousers or a Reimatec outfit – Reimatec fabrics have unbeatable water-resistance (a water column of over 10,000 mm) and are also breathable. Wellies and rain mittens are standard accessories for explorers.

Heavy rain

So it’s really wet! You can choose a Reimatec or traditional rain outfit – whichever you prefer. There is room for warm clothing underneath. A rain hat or the outfit’s own hood will keep the head dry.

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