Tips for summer and sun

Tips for summer and sun

Children’s skin should be protected from ultraviolet rays, particularly at the start of summer. It is a good idea to acclimatise to sunny weather slowly. Small babies should spend the majority of their time lounging in the shade – sunblock is not recommended for them. Sun-protection outfits are the best choice for children who want to play freely.

The head and eyes should be protected in sunny weather: a light summer hat or baseball cap should be worn to avoid sunstroke. Sunglasses are also required because the sun-protection mechanism in the eyes is not fully developed before the age of 25.

Avoid the sun at the hottest time of day, which is between midday and 3pm. Remember to take a bottle of water. Adults should also remember to drink water in hot weather to avoid dehydration.

Hide the eyes and head from the sun. This will help you to avoid heat illness and damage to the vision.

Bare feet? Only if you are highly familiar with the terrain. Footwear protects the feet from broken glass and stinging bees.

In the park and countryside

Loose-fitting, comfortable outfits are breathable and offer protection from the sun: T-shirts and suitable shorts, skirts or capris are generally good choices. As the evening gets cooler, a thin, light jacket or hoodie provides comfortable protection from insects.

At the beach

Children can enjoy water games safely when bare areas of skin are smothered with waterproof sunblock. In cold weather, it is a good idea to dry the skin after swimming and put on soft beachwear that provides protection from the sun.

On a holiday in the sun

SunProof outfits cool children down and provide factor 50 protection against the harmful rays of the sun. If a child’s skin would burn in 10 minutes without any protection, SunProof outfits enable safe play for 500 minutes – that’s more than eight hours… Wow :)! Don’t forget swimming shoes – these will protect you from any nasties lurking in the sand.

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