Spring essentials for kids

Our top tips to get into the Spring of things!

Spring is on its way, with its magical variety of sun and showers. Kids love being able run, jump and play outdoors without all the winter gear, but they still need protection when the cold and rain sneak in.

So, what’s the best way to dress your little ones for the springiest of all seasons? Here are our top tips for dressing for the rain, the changing temperatures and the sun.

Rain? Bring it on!

If there’s one thing you can count on in spring it’s this: there will definitely be rain, and probably lots of it! For most adults, this isn’t exactly great news. But it sure is for kids!

Kids can’t resist the urge to jump in a puddle as they pass, and we say they shouldn’t have to! So as a parent, how do you combat all the spring soakers that are headed your way?

All of our spring outerwear is water and windproof. That’s thanks to our very own innovation Reimatec, a breathable, non-toxic coating that protects from rain and wind but is super comfortable for kids to use.

Softshells have long been the go-to choice for kids (and parents!). And Reima’s spring softshells come in some of Mother Nature’s favorite colors – pink like the flowers, green like the grass, and blue like water.

On warmer days when it’s pouring cats and dogs, a raincoat and rain pants are a must. And no matter how wet kids get on the outside, with the right rain gear they’ll stay nice and dry on the inside.

Here in Finland, young kids play outside whatever the weather – even in the pouring rain. As parents here will tell you, it’s best to peel off the rain gear before you come into the house or jump into the car. Just shake it off and then wipe with a dry cloth when you’re inside. That should do the trick.

Layers of fun!

When it comes to the temperature, spring can be all over the place – hot one moment and f-f-freezing the next. The best way to be ready for whatever spring has in store is to layer, layer and layer.

We suggest three layers – adjusting according to the weather: A base layer like a breathable, moisture-wicking t-shirt or long-sleeved shirt. When it’s warm, this layer is enough on its own. And if the wind picks up, it’s time to add a new layer.

A mid-layer like a hoodie or mid-layer jacket. Indoors, outdoors and in between, it’s always a good idea to have a hoodie or light jacket handy. Light enough to toss into a bag and warm and snuggly enough to keep chilly air at bay.

An outerwear layer with room for layers underneath. Spring is full of surprises, and cold air is definitely one of them. Throw on over a t-shirt or wear over a hoodie, the right jacket is a must for spring.

When it comes to dressing for spring, our best advice is to be prepared for anything – just like kids always are!

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