Monomaterial outerwear - Designed for recycling

We are strongly committed to improving circularity and sustainability in fashion. The main principle of designing for recycling is to reduce the number of different materials in a product. In clothing it’s common to blend fibres to add a functional or aesthetic characteristic to a textile, and it’s hard to find ways to separate fibre blends for recycling.

This is the reason why Reima started searching for and developing mono-materials that only consist of one material or fibre, instead of a blend. Our ultimate goal is to make all our clothing fully recyclable, including the technical outdoor wear.

After four years of research, we were happy to introduce our first monomaterial jacket, Voyager, in the spring of 2020, followed by the first monomaterial winter jacket, Kulkija, later the same year. Both Voyager and Kulkija are beautiful examples of circular economy in action: We gave each jacket a unique ID, which you can register after purchase. If you decide to sell or give it to another family, simply ask them to register at, too. This means your children can follow garment’s progress from one user to the next, all the way around the world until it’s recycled.

What’s more, the code is important to us in Reima, too. It helps us ensure that, when the jacket finally reaches the end of its life, it’s properly recycled and its materials are reused.

Our aim is simple: to protect our children and their future. That’s why by 2023, already 20% of our clothing will be monomaterial, and 50% of all our polyester will be recycled origin.

We hope monomaterial clothes and recycling them becomes the new norm. A world where kids are encouraged to share their clothes and then get to follow their future, wherever that may be, is good for us all. Not only would this habit encourage resharing and recycling, when too many clothes end up in landfill. It would also help children learn more about the wonderful world we all hold so dear.

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