How to teach your toddler to ski

Teaching your toddler to ski?

Snow what fun! Little kids loooove the snow! They love rolling in it, sledding on it, building with it, and of course throwing it. But what about skiing? Lots of parents think of skiing as an activity for bigger kids. But when it comes to hitting the slopes, you’re actually never too young to start!

Our very own brand ambassador Brooke Froelich is raising two young kids in wild and wintery Colorado, where she and her family spend most of their time adventuring outdoors. We asked her to share her top tips for teaching toddlers to ski (it’s actually not as hard as it sounds!).

Ready, set, skiiiii!

1. Dress the part

Before you head to the ski lift, make sure your little one is dressed in the right gear. Our Reimatec snowsuits are perfect for all kinds of winter adventures, including skiing. Gloves designed with winter (and of course kids!) in mind are also a must. Our gloves and mittens keep little hands warm and extend up over the sleeves, locking warmth in and snow and cold out. It’s always a good idea to take a little trip to the bathroom before your child suits up!

2. Start slow and be patient.

Give your toddler plenty of time and space to get used to life on skiis. Let them learn by trial and error. Teach them slowly and patiently and encourage them as they go. And remember to take plenty of hot cocoa breaks! Skiing is tiring for big kids and adults, but it can be especially tiring for younger kids.

3. It’s all in the timing

We probably don’t have to tell you that toddlers run on their own schedules. Before you plan your skiing adventure, think about when your little one usually likes to nap and either allow time for a snooze or go early in the morning or after naptime. Did you know that babies and small kids in Finland often nap outdoors in their strollers, even in the winter? As long as their dressed warmly, they usually have a great sleep outside.

4. Rent or borrow, don’t buy

Hopefully your toddler will love going up and down the slopes, but not all kids turn into little ski bunnies. Instead of buying all the gear you need, try renting, borrowing, or buying from someone else.

5. Turn it into a game

Kids love to learn by playing, and the same goes for learning to ski. So encourage your little one to hop like a bunny, slide side to side like a snake, or walk in skis like a penguin does. Or try teaching stopping and starting with a game of “red light/green light”.

If you’re lucky to live near or visit someplace with lots of ski slopes, we hope these tips help you and your children have snow many new adventures together! And for more tips on how to create your own outdoor adventures, have a look at Brooke’s “Motherhood with a side of dirt” adventure blog.

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