How to dress sweaty kids

Every kid is different

Just like adults, children have different temperature tolerances. Some are always hot, some are always cold – and some sweat more than others. It’s important to dress kids according to their own personal comfort levels. For example, kids who love to run, jump and play should be dressed differently than a kid who prefers to curl up with a good book. Active children are going to sweat more, so they may not need as many layers as other children.

Breathable materials are best

Skin needs to breathe to avoid overheating – even in winter. Breathable materials provide warmth while still letting the skin breathe, so that kids are free to work up a sweat without feeling too hot. Synthetic or blended materials are a great choice for energetic kids because they allow exceptional breathability. A wool mid layer is usually a good choice for adults and less active kids, but it can be too warm for kids who have energy to burn. Cotton should be avoided at all costs. There’s a reason mountain climbers and hikers have the saying “Cotton kills” – it will soak up sweat and stay wet, so once a sweaty kid eventually stops moving, he or she will start to freeze.

Get the right type of hat

When a kid starts sweating, the hat is usually the first thing to be ditched. This can be a problem in winter, when ears need to be kept warm. Choose hats made with breathable materials so that kids will be less tempted to toss them aside once playtime gets sweaty.

Cool down quickly when needed

Sometimes a quick cool down is all it takes. The fastest way to do this is to temporarily uncover the head and neck, which helps cold air reach the large veins in the neck and head. For extra ventilation during playtime, unzip the jacket.

Avoid shirts with collars

Collared shirts like polo shirts can be uncomfortable for energetic kids. The extra material around the neck can cause even more sweating, and unlike a scarf, can’t be easily removed.

Get loose

Tight clothing is going to be uncomfortable once the sweating starts. Opt for loose clothing that lets air in. This goes for gloves and boots, too.

There you have it! With a few wardrobe tweaks, it’s simple to keep sweaty kids cool and comfortable as they conquer the playground.

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