How to care for Reima shoes to keep them squeaky clean

Have two pairs on hand

Wet shoes need to dry before they are used again. Feet aren’t able to breathe in wet shoes, even if the insides are dry. With two pairs always on hand, your kids won’t ever have to wait on their shoes to dry before heading outdoors for playtime.

Make a daily habit out of shoe care

A quick brush-down goes a long way. Removing excess dirt and sand every now and then keeps shoes looking great on the regular. They’ll need less heavy-duty washing, and you’ll use less water and energy on shoe care, which is fantastic for our planet.

Check the hang tag to see if they are machine-washable

Many Reima shoes can go in the washing machine, but some styles can’t. Rubber boots, for example, should only be washed by hand with mild soap. Be sure to save the shoe hang tag for reference.

Be gentle when machine washing

First, rinse off excess dirt, take out the removable insoles and shake out any sand or debris from inside the shoe. Put both the shoes and insoles in a protective washing bag. It’s best not to add any other items – as shoes tumble around in the washer, they can cause wear and tear on clothing. What’s more, there’s a chance you might accidentally tie-dye other clothing. Non-toxic dyes are safer for kids and the environment, but they don’t hold up in the washing machine quite as well as less safe dyes. Hot pink and red dyes are the biggest risks when it comes to color leakage. Wash the shoes and insoles using a gentle cycle at 30 °C.

Dry shoes right to keep them flexible

Let shoes air dry to keep them flexible and comfortable. Heat sources (such as a tumble dryer or radiator) can stiffen shoes, making them less comfortable to wear. Shoe dryers are safe to use as long as the air is not too hot. Dry the insoles separately for even quicker drying. Protect the shoes with a fluorocarbon-free water and dirt repellent spray when needed.

There you have it! Reima’s easy-care shoes are a snap to keep comfortable and clean.

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