How Reimatec is different from traditional rainwear

Both Reimatec and traditional rainwear are waterproof, come in fantastically fresh colors and patterns, and are made of comfortable, flexible material. So, what’s the difference? Here’s why Reimatec might be a better choice for an everyday jacket.

Rainwear is for rainy days

Traditional rainwear is designed for rainy weather. It protects against moisture and wind, and when it’s time to dance in the rain and splash in puddles, it’s the perfect choice because it’s quick-drying and easy to clean. The only problem? It doesn’t offer enough breathability for rapidly changing weather. Not to mention, someone wearing rainwear on a sunny day might get a few strange looks.

Rainwear is for dancing in the rain

Reimatec is for any weather

Like rainwear, Reimatec outerwear is wind and waterproof. Unlike rainwear, Reimatec is specially designed for every type of weather. This means it can be worn comfortably on sunny days, too. Because of the breathability of Reimatec materials, it’s perfect no matter the weather.

Reimatec is a perfect choice for an everyday jacket

Versatility means comfort

With something as versatile as Reimatec, kids are prepared to play in any weather and you can rest easy knowing that they will be comfortable no matter how hard they play. And don’t worry, there’s still a spot for that trusty rainwear on the coat rack!