Guest Blog: The Great Shock of Starting Daycare

We decided that our boy would start daycare when he was 1 1/2 years old. Most of our friends’ kids started at the same time, so it seemed like an easy decision.

However, when the first day drew nearer, I got a bit sad because it felt like such a big step for my little baby. Before I had a child, I thought that you just send your kid to daycare and that’s that. Emotionally, however, it was so much harder. I had so many worries in my mind. Like:

How will my kid get used to being at daycare?

Will he be able to get some sleep at daycare during nap time?

Does my son get enough attention if there are only 4 adults for 16 kids?

And, of course, this one was difficult for me: Do I have the right clothes for him?

So yes, our kid got used to staying at daycare, but the mornings were quite hard sometimes.

Now my son’s second year at his daycare is about to begin and I feel good about it. We have had a super nice five week holiday but I know he already misses his friends because we cannot provide other kids’ company every day for him.

To those whose child is about to begin daycare: It will go well and everything is going to work out. A little crying won’t hurt the child, as long as he feels safe in a comforting adult’s lap. There are strong and warm professionals working there and they always want the best for the children.

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