Why we take animal rights super seriously

Fur free for a clear conscience

Here at Reima, our Research & Development department is always working to make our supply chain and processes even more sustainable. Whenever possible, we opt for sustainable, non-animal produced materials. As a fur-free retailer, for example, we only use faux fur in our products. Instead of leather, we’ve chosen durable, breathable synthetic materials for our many washable shoe styles.

Some things, however, simply can’t be replaced just yet – many families choose to trust the natural warmth of down and wool.

Our down doesn’t get you down

For kids frolicking in the snow in freezing temperatures, down is a necessity. It works as natural insulation, trapping air amidst fluffy feathers for wonderful warmth. It’s long-lasting, practically weightless, and extremely snug – and can be recycled, too. As long as there are poultry farms, this valuable by-product should not be wasted, and we want to do our utmost to help ensure that down-producing birds are treated ethically.

This is why Reima takes part in the Responsible Down Standard (RDS), a global effort committed to the ethical treatment of down-producing ducks and geese. The RDS ensures that all down used in the manufacture of clothing is sustainably sourced, without causing the animals harm through abusive practices like force-feeding and live-plucking. Companies that display the RDS badge are able to trace exactly where their down came from to verify the cruelty-free treatment of the birds.

Wonderfully sustainable wool

Like down, wool has unparalleled properties – it’s warm, self-cleaning, and wicks away moisture with ease. There are a number of synthetic alternatives to wool, but they don’t quite match the wonders of wool just yet. Moreover, wool biodegrades easily and will not contribute to the microplastic problem. Happily, it’s easy to ensure that wool is sustainably sourced without causing harm to animals.

As part of our sustainability process, we require that all merino wool used in Reima products is sheared from sheep without mulesing – a painful practice in which skin is removed without anesthetic to prevent parasitic infection. To ensure that all of our wool is cruelty-free, we ask our producers to say no to mulesing.

We believe that companies and retailers have a responsibility to work towards a more sustainable world, one that we’re happy to leave behind to our kids. This is why transparency is such an important part of our supply chain. Once consumers have the information they need, we believe everyone can make more sustainable, eco-conscious decisions. After all, don’t we all want a healthier, happier planet?

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