Why the world should brighten up their wardrobe with reflectors

Light up playtime with reflective prints

In the dark, a driver using low beam headlights can spot a kid without reflectors from a mere 50 meters away. A kid wearing reflectors, on the other hand, is visible from 350 meters away. Needless to say, when it comes to your child’s safety, 300 meters makes a huge difference.

That’s why we’ve been adding reflective details to our clothes for almost 50 years. So, how do these potential life-savers work and where can you find them? Let’s take a look.

Shine bright with reflecting details

Reflective prints and details are made with tiny glass beads that reflect light back to the source. Much of our outerwear features all-over reflective prints, or single details, such as reflective logos, stripes, pipings and zipper pulls, so your kid can shine with confidence even in low visibility.

Even cloudy afternoons and light rain can reduce visibility for drivers, especially in autumn. But with brightly coloured reflective rain jackets, kids stand out to drivers from a longer distance. This is essential when the roads are rain-soaked, as grip is reduced and braking takes longer. In chillier weather, opt for overalls with an all-over reflective print to make sure your kid really lights up the streets.

CE certified Vilkku Mittens

For kids who want to get active without worrying about losing their reflector, we’ve designed our very first CE certified reflective product: Vilkku mittens. These waterproof winter mittens, which keep hands toasty while offering 360° visibility, provide the most safety when worn over the sleeve are kept free of dirt and mud.

Add a CE certified reflector

Reflective piping, labels and strips are useful, but adding a CE certified reflector ensures peak protection and visibility. Modest yet mighty, most CE certified reflectors are small pieces of plastic that can be attached to coats and backpacks and can be seen by drivers from up to 600 meters away. As these are a Finnish invention, many of our jackets are designed with a unique “lifesaver loop” just for attaching a CE certified reflector.

In Finland, it’s a legal requirement for pedestrians to wear reflectors when it’s dark out. And, as a small piece of plastic can make playing outside safe and fun, we encourage the rest of the world to follow suit and light up their evenings with reflectors too.

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