Innovation for the next generation is award winner at ISPO

Reima, based in Finland, is the top international brand focusing only on kids’ activewear. For AW20, Reima’s collection is greener than ever with materials and solutions that approach sustainability from various angles.

One of the innovations is the Reimatec Kulkija winter jacket which was awarded a winner of the Outdoor Kids -category at Outdoor by ISPO 2020. The Reimatec Kulkija winter jacket (‘kulkija’ is Finnish for ‘one who is on a journey’) is designed with easy recycling in mind, the jackets will be regenerated into polymers for new products.

Reima’s aim is to close the loop between production, active use and upcycling by asking for these products to be returned at the end of its life but not before allowing the user to take the unique ID from the jacket to track its journey. “With the insulated Reimatec Winter Jacket Kulkija, you get high-end-performance at a mid-level price. It offers non-slip, snow-proof pockets with a construction that will prevent things from sliding out easily. Reima also uses a waterproof, breathable Polyester laminate, that can be easily recycled once the long-lasting jacket gets to the end of its lifecycle,“ one Outdoor award jury member points out.

The Reimatec Voyager jacket is was Reima’s first ever high-performance product made from just one single material and will be available in spring 2020 and the Reimatec Kulkija winter jacket (‘kulkija’ is Finnish for ‘one who is on a journey’) will follow a similar path in autumn 2020.

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