How Reima’s clothing as a service is revolutionising Finland’s clothing industry

As-a-service business models are on the rise. Mobility-as-a-service providers like Uber and entertainment-as-a-service providers like Netflix not only lower costs and offer convenience, but are often more sustainable and better for our planet. Needless to say, Finns, who take recycling and circular economy seriously, are big fans.

Finland has a long history of reusing and recycling clothing, and the movement is becoming increasingly popular as sustainability becomes an ever-more pressing issue. As a result, clothing as a service is starting to pick up steam. While current services in Finland focus mainly on high-end women’s clothing, the overall trend is clear: ownership is out and responsible reuse is in.

Clothing as a service for kids

Kids grow fast. This winter’s coat likely won’t fit at all next year, and you can forget about trying to reuse the same pair of boots from one year to the next. At Reima, we think a kids’ clothing as a service is a perfect fit for busy parents trying to keep up with growing kids.

Reima Play saves the day

Last March, we kicked off an innovative new clothing-as-a-service pilot project—the first of its kind in Finland—called Reima Play. For a fixed monthly fee, our customers receive four boxes per year of outdoor essentials for each season. Parents can opt for a single piece of new outerwear or go for the whole enchilada, which includes outerwear, accessories, shoes, and even a mid-layer. Our experts choose and ship the items, and all parents have to do is open the box. It’s super simple, saves time, and best of all, there are no last-minute shopping trips with a bored and cranky kid in tow.

Resell, reuse and relax

Unlike other clothing-as-a-service providers, with Reima Play, you own the clothing. Once a kid outgrows an item, parents can do whatever they like with it, whether it’s pass it on to another growing kid or resell it. As part of the service, we offer access to our partner Emmy’s services. Parents can mail outgrown items to Emmy—we’ve even paid for the postage—and they will handle the resale on their behalf.

A bright future ahead

Reima Play has been a big hit with pilot participants, and this autumn we’ll be expanding our service to even more customers in Finland. Don’t live in Finland but eager to give it a try? We plan on offering Reima Play in other areas as soon as possible, so keep an eye out for us!

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