Appy days! How Reima’s apps get kids moving

When Reima kicked things off 75 years ago, we were eager to lead the world in innovative kids’ clothing. We were all about discovering durable new materials, and of course, we still are. But thanks to advancements in technology, we have the power to take our ideas even further. What’s possible today would totally amaze the original Reima team!

Our mission is to help kids enjoy an active childhood while making every day easier for parents, and apps are a fantastic way to achieve this. Our two apps—ReimaGO and Reima App—get kids excited about outdoor activity while lending parents a helping hand too.

Go above and beyond with ReimaGO

Kids should be free to relish the joy of movement and we want to inspire them to live and love adventure in every way we can. This is why we not only design clothes that let kids be active no matter the weather, but create fun apps that inspire activity. ReimaGO is an exciting app that gets kids moving by challenging them with fun quests, even when they don’t have a phone with them. An activity tracker tracks their movement and steps, and they can travel around the app’s colorful world, which encourages them to walk, run and jump more as they advance to the next game board.

We created ReimaGO for kids, but parents are welcome to get in on the fun too. You can keep an eye on how active your kid as they zoom around conquering challenges, and add rewards for particularly impressive achievements. You can even connect Google Fit or Apple Health to ReimaGO, so the whole family can be active together.

Dressing is a snap with the Reima app

Wondering whether your kid will need an extra midlayer or a waterproof jacket today? With Reima App, you can check your local weather forecast and see our clothing suggestions for the day, so your kid is always comfortable. Packed with tips for dressing for any weather, information about Reima’s materials and innovations and fun family game ideas, Reima App can be a lifesaver for busy parents.

Reima App is now in the beta phase, and it’s set to launch around the world in early 2020. Can’t wait and want to give it a go right away? Just search the App Store or Google Play store for “Reima” and download the app—no secret codes needed. We’d love to hear what you think and follow your feedback to shape the Reima app into an essential part of family adventures.

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