75 years of innovation: How Reima revolutionized kidswear

Out with the old, in with the new

When we began manufacturing clothes for the public at the end of World War Two, raw materials were in short supply. But, like the kids who wear our products, we’ve always relished a challenge, which is why we spent much of the post-war years recycling old army snowsuits to create new outfits.

From Enstex to Reimatec

At the end of the 1960s, we created Enstex, a durable fabric that would change children’s playtime forever. The material of choice for working mothers looking for convenience and reliability, Enstex became a hallmark of 1970s fashion. It was even purchased by the Finnish Navy to help sailors stay dry at sea.

In the 1990s, we applied a microporous polyurethane to Enstex in the hope of making a light and water-resistant material to keep active kids comfortable all day long. However, Enstex proved too rigid for lightweight clothes, so we kept working until we’d created a breathable, weather-resistant material that offered sufficient protection while making it easier to move. We called that material Reimatec, and it went on to replace Entex as the material of choice of choice for parents, and later became a brand name in its own right. Loved by parents and kids alike, some people in Finland even call us Reimatec, rather than Reima.

A bright and sunny future

We all know how harsh the sun’s UV rays can be on delicate skin. That’s why, since 2011, we’ve had kids covered with our SunProof range. Kids can now play out longer and keep their skin healthy and burn free, with the protective UV pigments we apply to our sunproof products such as swimwear, sunhats, and T-shirts.

In 2016, we brightened up outdoor play again with ReimaGo, a fitness tracker especially designed for kids. For the first time, kids can view their progress and create fun challenges on a new digital platform.

But this isn’t all. The developments just keep on coming. Our battle with pesky bugs has already prompted the invention of anti-mosquito jackets. In 2020,we are going a step further with anti-bite hoodies, tees, pants, socks and hats, which will protect kids from every kind of bug from wasps to lice.

We’re proud of what we’ve achieved in the last 75 years, but we’re not a company to rest on our laurels. Thanks to a ceaseless desire to help kids flourish through the joy of movement, we’re constantly working on great new innovations. Consequently, in the next 75 years, our aim is simple: To help countless more generations enjoy the wonders of the great outdoors.

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