Why mud pies and snow castles are good for kids

Why mud pies and snow castles are good for kids

In Finland, there’s a well-known saying: “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.” When you have months of below-freezing temperatures in winter like Finland does, suitable clothing is absolutely necessary.

Despite Finland’s Arctic weather, Finns have a special relationship with nature. Finnish parents applaud curiosity and exploration, and often encourage their kids to spend time outdoors making mud pies, building snow castles, and splashing around in puddles. Getting dirty is just part of childhood. With the right clothing, Finnish children are protected from the elements, leaving them free to discover the joy of movement.

The freedom of movement

Movement is one of our first learning experiences. As babies begin to move, their world expands. Small experiments like wiggling toes and fingers, turning over, and moving physical objects all shape how we learn to explore the world around us.

Clothing and outerwear can either help or hinder kids’ experiments with movement. Kids who have to stay indoors when it’s cold or avoid puddles that might stain their clothing miss out on the learning experience of movement. Making mud pies shouldn’t be a no-no, because it’s simply what kids do. With the right clothes though, kids feel encouraged to run, jump, and play. They’re not afraid to get dirty, and have the freedom to splash in muddy puddles and climb trees. Parents don’t need to worry, either – when kids are prepared with the right clothes, they can explore to their heart’s content.

Safe and protected

Safety, of course, is just as important as freedom. Kids are still kids, after all. At Reima, we design clothes that let kids explore the world as safely as possible. From fabrics to functional details like detachable hoods, every part of a Reima product is thoughtfully designed with safety in mind. The materials we use are always non-toxic and durable enough to protect kids in all weather conditions. Innovative products like Vibram Arctic Grip and Reima Vilkku Reflective Mittens are designed specifically to help kids safely navigate challenges like ice and low-visibility weather. New fabrics are not only tested in laboratories – both our own and third party labs – but they’re field-tested by real running, jumping, playing children, too.

With clothing that focuses on safety, kids can focus on discovering the joy of movement that will help them learn about themselves and the world. So, have you challenged your kids to a mud pie-making contest or a race through the rain lately?