Why Finnish kids are the happiest in the world

Loving the great outdoors

Finland’s commonly known as the “Land of a Thousand Lakes”. In fact, you’ll discover an incredible 187,888 to splash in. Add to that Finland’s status as the most forested country in the EU, and it’s easy to see why Finnish children spend so much time in the great outdoors. It’s helping them to get the greatest possible pleasure out of playing that inspires us. Indeed, we’ve been creating clothes for outdoor fun in all weather and all seasons for 75 years.

School days full of fun

Since Finland implemented big changes to its education system 40 years ago, its schools have consistently topped international rankings like PISA. So, what’s the secret and how does this make kids happier? Well, for a start they don’t begin school until they’re seven, so they have more time to play. School days are short and there’s plenty of time for outdoor activities. To make school even more of a blast, kids don’t have to wear school uniforms, but can choose from colorful clothes like Reima gear.

More family time

In 2014, Finland was ranked the 4th most equal country on the planet by the World Economic Forum. The Economist ranked it the third best country to be a working mother and according to the OECD, it’s the only country in the developed world where dads spend more time with school-aged children than moms. What all this means in practice is that kids and their parents get more time to hang out, bond and play. At Reima we’ve celebrated this special Nordic way for decades. Now, we’re celebrating it even more with Reima Friends, our community for like-minded parents everywhere.

There aren’t kids anywhere that are happy 100% of the time. However, in Finland we’ve discovered that if you combine outdoor adventuring with fun education and more family time, your kids will be happier for longer. We’ve been inspired by this philosophy for 75 years—and we’re doing everything we can to inspire the world with it. Come join us!