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Why Reima Jeans Are More Than Just Regular Jeans

Most kids have at least one pair of jeans – they’re comfortable, practical, and they just look cool. Reima jeans have been specially designed to have a few extra technological tricks up their sleeve (or should we say leg?) that take comfort and practicality even further. Read on to find out why they should be at the top of your shopping list.

Reima summer jeans are cool – literally

In summer, regular jeans can be hot, stuffy, and simply uncomfortable. Their denim fabric doesn’t allow skin to breathe, and jeans-clad kids can get sweaty and even overheated. Kids should be able to play comfortably – especially in summer! This is why Reima jeans for spring and summer are designed with a unique cooling effect. COOLMAX® technology wicks moisture away from the skin for maximum breathability and coolness.

Reima winter jeans are warm

Reima jeans designed for colder weather are warmer than regular jeans. Thermolite® material features special hollow fibers, which provide warm and cozy insulation, while also keeping skin dry and comfortable. The inside of the Reima winter denim fabric is brushed to be fuzzy and soft against the skin, so that it’s even warmer.

Water-repellent jeans for outdoor play

Reima jeans have a durable dirt- and water-repellent finish (DWR) that keeps dirt and moisture from ruining them during playtime so that your kids can play worry-free. The fluorocarbon-free finish is safe and non-toxic, and you’ll spend less time in the laundry room – great news for both you and our planet.

Comfort is key

From a kid’s point of view, comfort and style are the top priorities. The adjustable waist means kids can get that perfect fit, even while growing, and the stretchy elastic material lets them move and play comfortably. With both slim and relaxed fits, kids can choose whichever cut they think is coolest.

Jeans are timeless, but happily, they’re keeping up with the times thanks to technology. If your kids love Reima jeans, be sure to have a look at our super comfortable softshell tops and trousers, too.